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We are a group of independent consultants who first started at established PR agencies. If you would try to summarise our overall experience, the final result would sum up to approximately 30 years of activity. We still like to think outside the box, however, even though we plan strategies keeping our feet firmly on the ground. We remain close to our clients because we engage only in projects that we believe in. We have our passions, and marketing and PR communication are at the top of our list.


Agnieszka Krysztofowicz

For a dozen years or so, Agnieszka has been working on 360 Degrees Communication strategies; she has provided consultancy for both small local companies, local governments, and large international corporations. Agnieszka promotes out-of-the-box thinking: she values lateral approach supported by reasoned situational analysis. Agnieszka collaborated with such companies and institutions as Agros Nova, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson&Johnson, European Commission, PKP Energetyka, and Warsaw City Hall. Agnieszka is a journalism graduate of the University of Warsaw.

Radosław Pancewicz

Radosław has been planning and implementing comprehensive PR and marketing campaigns for 8 years now. Radosław specializes in developing brand images and in corporate and educational projects. His portfolio includes collaboration with such companies as Adidas, Diageo, Janssen, Lanxess, Panasonic, and Pfizer. Radosław graduated from the Faculty of Political Science at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań; he is a member of Public Relations Consultants Association in London.

Maria Konieczna

Maria has worked in PR since 2008, and specializes in strategic consulting and comprehensive marketing and communication service for vulnerable segments. Maria implemented online and offline campaigns for a number of clients, including Adamed, Bayer, IBSA, Ferring, GSK, PZU, and PGE. Maria holds diplomas in the fields of economy, coaching and marketing strategies development. Moreover, she has been awarded distinctions for projects devoted to CSR issues.

Only long-term and multidimensional endeavours can create or change a company or a product image. Where to start? From well-knit and comprehensive communication strategy that will guide and outline all subsequent projects.

You can build up your company's reputation but it would be much better to manage it skilfully. Gaining support of the media, opinion leaders and institutions important for your business is a good start for your route to success.

The fish stinks from the head down, just like a company. Only well-informed internal client is able to understand and support all processes shaping a business and its environment.

A brand is not just a product, as it also comprises values that stand behind it. How to convince a consumer to share these values? There are as many methods as products on the market.

Business responsibility is more than a trend: it is an obligation. Well-tailored CSR programme will benefit both a company and its environment.

Education can change the market. A well-informed client is a better client, and the expert position is a good starting point for becoming a game leader.

It is worth including the new media presence within a broader communication strategy frame. Each vote is important, and interaction with a consumer or partner is a kind of opportunity that was not available several years ago.

The best crisis is the one that does not exist. Crisis communication cannot be reduced to fire-fighting, as it is mainly about preventing fire.

Companies do not decide to create a PR department for different causes. Regardless of the reason, however, we are ready to build such a division for you and manage it comprehensively.


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100 Greatest R&b Songs Of All Time

100 Greatest R&b Songs Of All Time

Total Body Transformation Book

How To Be Thick